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Welcome to the The B-Files, THE Bart Simpson resource, created on Thursday, July 22, 1999.  This website, as the title implies, is devoted strictly to Bartholomew J. Simpson -- Bart Simpson -- of "The Simpsons" fame.  Ever since the first time I caught a glimpse of the Simpsons, Bart has always been a favorite of mine.  With his prank calls to Moe's Tavern, constant disobedience, rebel rising attitude, and his constant requirement to write lines on the school chalkboard, Bart has risen to fame since the first creation of the popular show.  With now-famous phrases such as "Aye Caramba," and "Eat my shorts," Bart has risen to become an icon in the field of humorous sitcoms.  Leading the way with his dad, Homer Simpson, and the rest of the people of Springfield, they have made the Simpsons a juggernaut show, mauling down the competition and driving the fans wild.

Still, why was I drawn to Bart over his more popular dad, Homer?  I think that I can attest this to a certain book written by Bart Simpson (helped into print by Matt Groening).  "Bart Simpson's Guide to Life" just seemed to call for me way back in 1995.  When I read the opening paragraph to the book (abridged): "Hello there friend, and welcome to Bart Simpson's Guide to Life...therefore we must assume that you actually paid money for this merchandise...making you a concerned and sensitive individual, one who is ready to embark on the long but worthwhile journey to enlightenment.  Welcome to Suckersville, man."  Those last four words sorta won me over, I guess.

I made this website due to the lack of Bart's presence on the Internet.  There are only a handful of Bart Simpson sites, all of which can be counted on the fingers of my right hand.  Although most of these sites are of very high quality, I sensed that there was definitely room for a couple more Bart Simpsons websites.  The 'Net is swamped with hundreds of general Simpsons sites and dozens of sites dedicated to specific characters.  Bart is one of the most popular Simpsons characters, so there should naturally be more Bart Simpson sites than say sites dedicated to other Springfielders.   Since this is not the case, I decided that I would try my hand at working hard to make a Bart Simpson site of my own.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

The purpose of The B-Files is to inform and educate fans and non-fans alike about the greatest Simpsons character in my opinion, Bart Simpson.  I feel that Bart is definitely a classic character who is someone worth getting to know, with the most amount of information on the 'Net.  I tried to make this site as informative and useful as I possibly could.  Also, in order to save visitors' time, I purposely made the page as fast loading as possible, which means no 'heavy' images glued onto the pages.   For some, that's a bad thing, but for the rest of us, it's what we all want in a website, isn't it?  So without further ado, I present to you THE Bart Simpson resource.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the site, and check back here regularly, as there's always something going on with everyone's favorite mischievous 10-year old, Bart Simpson.

NOTE: A special thanks must go out to Koolaid for his help and encouragement in making this site.  Thanks Koolaid, you're the greatest, man!  :)

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