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The Definitive Frink!Site: The Definitive Frink

Creator: Aaron Florian

Special?: The best possible dedication to the town of Springfield's resident genius, Professor Frink!  Features every single Frink appearance, web design section, the patented FR-LINK-O-LATOR, and more!  Spectacular layout, featuring great JavaScript coding.  Simply amazing design on this site!



Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons!Site: Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons

Creator: picks

Special?: One of the best general Simpsons sites on the 'Net!  Huge image gallery, great profiles, and a very comprehensive Simpsons collecting section!  Very professional looking layout with great banners and buttons.  A very comprehensive site, with everything under the sun about the Simpsons!



Evergreen Terrace!Site: Evergreen Terrace

Creator: Eric Wirtanen

Special?: Another one of the best general Simpsons sites on the 'Net!  Features just about daily updates, while also having a very comprehensive site, full of lots of Simpsons goodies to keep fans happy for hours.  Great multimedia section, as well as constantly updated sections.



Simpsons Channel!Site: Simpsons Channel

Creator: Adam Wolf

Special?: The best Simpsons linking site, featuring almost daily updates, and neatly organized sections to help you find whatever you are looking for quickly and efficiently.   Includes "Featured Sites" for each of the categories, so you can find the best sites for whatever Simpsons information or multimedia you are looking for.



Simpsons Archive!Site: Simpsons Archive

Creator: Jouni

Special?: The best place to find FAQs, lists, and basic information regarding the Simpsons.   Features a simple and efficient layout, and has almost all the Simpsons episode capsules, plus bios, downloads, and more!  Great site for finding all the Simpsons information you are looking for!



Simpsons Top 100!Site: Simpsons Top 100

Creator: Bryan Ludvigsen

Special?: The best Simpsons ranking site.  Features 100 Simpsons sites, ranked in order from 1 to 100, as its name indicates.  Updates every couple weeks or more frequently, with most of the sites exactly where they should be in ranking order.  Excellent layout!

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