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Monday, August 2, 1999

The site is ready to be opened to the public!  A few sections, such as Sounds Comics, Guide to Life, and Fans are still to be completed, but I'm making excellent time on these sections.  They should be up withing the next couple weeks, one at a time.  I hope that this site will have a pleasant stay on the 'Net and gain the support of Simpsons fans and critics.  To The B-Files, long may it rain!  D'oh!  Reign.


Sunday, August 1, 1999

You're so fine, you blow my mind!
Hurray!  I was one of a very few people who won the Pokémon Summer Tour!!!   Yes!!!  I am still on an adrenaline rush from the winning battle.  I managed to get all three badges, and even beat a Nintendo Pokémon Employee to get the Pokémon Summer Tour and Nintendo Employee hat.  It was a close match against the Nintendo Employee to obtain the hat, but somehow by luck I managed to win!  I keep hearing that this hat that I won is EXTREMELY limited.  I sure hope so! 

The B-Files is just about done.  I'm finishing up the last two sections in the Resources category of the site, and then comes testing of the site.  This site hast to be absolutely, positively, necessarily perfect.  C-ya soon!

All right!,

Saturday, July 31, 1999

Holy smokes, I need booze!
The end is near!  The B-Files is finally nearing completion, with just a few minor touchups and a couple sections to take care of, before full completion.  I am right now working on the Resources sections of the website, as well as minor touchups.  I am planning on releasing The B-Files early, with a few sections needing completion, but don't worry!  Unlike most websites, with feature an "Under Construction" sign for months at a time in a section, this site will bring out these remaining sections in a short time. 

On a lighter note, I'll be off to a Pokémon Summer Tour tournament (convention) tomorrow.  This is taking place in my home town, Kansas City, and basically involves battling out your Pokémon skills against other players to win official Nintendo training badges and even possibly a super-limited Pokémon hat EXCLUSIVE to this Summer Tour and Nintendo Employees.  I'll post how I did tomorrow, along with any updates.

Take care,


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