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Bart as a vampire bat
Bart gets an "F"
Bart Simpson looking
Bart mooning a mirror, Kodak
Bart with his spraypaint
Bart Simpson introduction
Bart the heavenly angel
Bart at the beach
Bart & Blinky
Bart's big chase
Bart as the devil
Bart the doctor
Bart with a large pencil
Bart fishing
Bart- Mmm...Jello
Bart looking angry
Bartman again!
Bartman to the rescue!
Bart playing with marbles
Bart and Milhouse
Bart: "No way, man!"
Bart & Lisa prank calling
Bart running
Bart the dunce @ school
Bart looking sick
Bart causing trouble again!
Bart skateboarding
Bart still skateboarding
Bart the daredevil
Bart sleeping
Bart snowboarding
Bart surfing
Bart with his toothbrush
Bart the vampire
Bart the General
Count Bartula
Bart: "Cowabunga!"
Bart & Homer 
Santa's Little Helper
Bart the mad scientist
Bart with his family
Bart, Lisa, & Maggie dancing
Bart with his sisters
Bart's pets
Bart and the Simpson tree
Bart the snakecharmer
Bart the underachiever




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